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L'Arcu Di Sperenza

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"It is not so much the song which is sacred, it is the bond which it creates between the beings"

Who are we

Founded in 2018, L'arcu di sperenza is a 1901 law association with the aim of participating in the cultural and artistic development of Corsica and the enhancement of its heritage by raising awareness, transmission and teaching of singing, in particular of Corsican polyphony in the form of internships, interventions in schools or by any other means, through the creation, production and dissemination of multidisciplinary artistic events, through encounters and exchanges with other traditions and cultures of the world, by publishing and distributing cultural works in all their forms, by all activities linked to this social object and in particular by the marketing of created works.

Illustration de Jacky Micaelli

Illustration by Jacky Micaelli

The team

Sylvia Micaelli, présidente de l'association l'Arcu di Sperenza. Chanteuse corse


Volunteer worker

Corsican polyphonies

Joanne D'Amico, secrétaire de l'Arcu di sperenza. Chanteuse corse


Volunteer worker

Corsican Polyphonies courses

Hélène Buti, trésorière de l'Association L'Arcu Di Sperenza

Helene Buti


What we want

Jacky Micaelli, recognized artist and emblematic figure of Corsican singing and in particular of sacred and secular Corsican polyphony, left us in September 2017, leaving us a legacy of his cultural, musical and artistic heritage.

“For more than ten years, from the Alboru to the Convent of Corbara, it welcomed hundreds of trainees who, come to learn Corsican polyphony, left with more than that: a different vision of the relationship to 'other, a culture of openness, transmission, a work ethic ”.

Today the first page of a new book is being written. The preface to this book is rich in the teaching received, like a promise to keep, a bridge to build.

This is the reason why his daughter, Sylvia Micaelli , wishes to continue her work, by creating the association "L'arcu di sperenza" whose name, strong in symbolism, is that of Jacky's first single, which contributed to launch his career.

The arcu di sperenza offers, among other things, in the same spirit as that which animated Jacky Micaelli, the teaching and oral transmission of sacred and profane polyphony and its values.

Through this association, it is the close friends of Jacky Micaelli who are mobilized, with his daughter as president, but also his sister Hélène Buti as well as Joanne D'amico , one of his trainees and friend, having followed his trainings for many years. and being able to testify to the quality of transmission of this great lady.

All of them are now committed to respecting the memory and ethics of Jacky Micaelli in the association's future projects: teaching, internships, concerts, etc.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Sacred and secular Corsican polyphonic singing courses led by Sylvia Micaelli, Didier Cuenca and Joanne D'Amico will be organized mainly in Corsica.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The President, Sylvia Micaelli

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Phone: 06 15 43 11 11


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Jacky Micaelli est assise, au centre des stagiaires de polyphonies corses avec son petit fils Florian Micaelli

Corsican polyphonies workshop at the Corbara convent in August 2010. Jacky Micaelli, on the ground, with his grandson Florian Micaelli in his arms.

Jacky Micaelli et son petits-fils Florian Micaelli. Jacky Micaelli enseigne le positionnement de la main à Florian pour chanter les polyphonies corses

Jacky Micaelli teaching, to his grandson Florian, the positioning of the hand to the ear for the Corsican polyphonic song.

... And Wings

Jacky Micaelli is seated on the floor surrounded by the trainees of the Corsican Polyphonies course, holding in her arms her grandson Florian Micaelli.

His daughter, Sylvia Micaelli, taking the photo, has also participated in these courses for more than ten years.

A beautiful illustration of the transmission ...

Jacky Micaelli et sa fille Sylvia Micaelli lors d'un concert de Polyphonies Corses

Jacky Micaelli and his daughter, Sylvia Micaelli during a Corsican polyphony concert.


Corsican Polyphonies courses

This book that we have opened, it is important to us now, to fill it in the most beautiful way possible.
Each workshop, each meeting, each concert is a page that we write with the heart.
All these white pages are so many promises for the future. We hope to move forward in our project and create great opportunities for sharing and transmission, open to all eventualities and proposals.

Joanne D'Amico, Sylvia Micaelli et Didier Cuenca, membres du groupe de Polyphonies Corses : FIAMMA et animateurs des stages de polyphonies corses organisés par l'assoc. L'Arcu Di Sperenza

Each year, during the last week of spring holidays, as well as during the last week of August, we organize Corsican polyphonic singing courses .

These courses last six days and end with a public performance concert .
It is a moment of grace during which the trainees realize how far they have come in such a short time. It is also a moment of sharing where sensibilities come together to commune with the public. What beautiful emotions!

They are hosted by Sylvia Micaelli, Didier Cuenca and Joanne D'Amico . All three share the passion for Corsican singing and the desire to share it. They will welcome you in a climate of benevolence.

The atmosphere of the internships is friendly and cordial , which does not exclude the rigor of the apprenticeship work.
They will know how to transmit to you the depth of the Corsican soul and will invite you to sing true.

If you want to see the atmosphere of the courses, you can consult our photo albums on this site.

A golden voice that I have loved for a long time Jacky Micaelli
Thanks to Sylvia for creating L'arcu di sperenza

MM. Sellini

The continuation of what Jacky had undertaken for years, namely transmission!

L. Sansonetti

Jacky ch''aghju a furtuna di cunnosce vulia, semper cù umanità è umilità (per mè a qualita chì difinisce i piu grande fra tutti l'Altri è quessu mi pare veramente listessu per tutti i mistieri) dicia semper chè vuliaoniu patrimony u patrimony tuttu ch'ella avia amparatu è cantatu .Ci mancha troppu è sò assai assai cuntentu è fieru ch'è a so figliola Sylvia cù a so litimighjità cuntinueghja in li passi di a so mamma tamanta cara è pietosa.

D. Culioli


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